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Fine lines, wrinkles. Want glowing skin? These popular Facial Rollers are used to enhance blood circulation, which in turn helps products absorb into the skin. They also help reduce puffiness, which is caused by congested lymphatic channels. They assist in detoxing skin which leads to more brightness.

How to use your roller:

These can be used as often as you like. We use ours 2 or 3 times a week.

Cleanse and moisturise your skin before use.

The roller is best used with a skin oil or serum that doesn’t dry out quickly.

Begin with the lymph nodes on your neck, the ones directly under your ears. Massage in downward strokes.

Move to the stem of your neck and massage. Massage the base of your neck.

Move on to massage your chin, around your jawline and your cheekbones. On your face always massage in upward strokes.

Apply additional skin oil or serum during massage if needed.

Enjoy your time out!!

Just give your Roller a little rinse under warm water every once & a while.