Sage x Smudge stick x Large


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Sage x Smudge stick x Large
Sage x Smudge stick x Large

More and more scientists are beginning to realize that we aren’t just physical. We have electromagnetic properties, which are also called our electric biofield, Chi, or aura. Your aura protects you, supports your immune system, and projects energy. It is what is damaged when you’re exposed to too many EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies).

What smudging supposedly does is it clears the air of bad energy. This isn’t just good for your mood though! Smudging your house and yourself has numerous benefits.
Benefits of smudging:
There are studies that suggest numerous benefits to smudging, such as one study that supports the claim that medicinal smoke can eliminate bacteria in the air of confined spaces. 

The energy cleansing of bad air is also meant to help with air-related symptoms such as asthma, respiratory problems, colds, coughs, and headaches.
This happens in part because smudging also clears energy by removing positive ions (which are released during storms, stress, and moments of tension) and replaces them with negative ions. The same thing happens when you ground (or earth) yourself, or touch your skin to bare earth.

Smudging (especially smudging with sage) is also reported to help to improve memory function and boost your mood and awareness. 
So although smudging has been a spiritual practice, the smudging ritual also has numerous health benefits! But you won’t know exactly how great smudging is until you try it for yourself at a time when you really need an energy cleansing. So when is that?
When to smudge
There are no bad times to smudge your house/ office but there are plenty of times when smudging is a good idea! Remember how we were talking about how smudging clears negative energy? Well, there are times when your home might have more negative energy than others.
Usually, you can kind of feel when your house needs its energy cleared, but there are a couple times that are especially good for smudging.
When you should smudge:
    •    After an argument
    •    Moving into a new home
    •    After a sickness
    •    After having negative guests over
    •    When you feel stressed or tense
    •    Before meditation
But of course, you can smudge whenever you want! Go slow, smudging isn’t something to rush!

It can kill almost 94% off bacteria. 

Light the Sage or Palo Santo and let it smoulder. Just walk around the area clockwise and say you would like to get rid of the negative energies and keep positive energy. Easy xxx 

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Price is for one sage stick 

Sage x Smudge stick x Large
Sage x Smudge stick x Large